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Dinafem Seeds is a seed bank that trades internationally the best selection of marijuana seeds, its own and from other banks. From their origins as growers, they have investigated the genetics of plants until getting marijuana seeds appreciated throughout the world.

The catalog of Dinafem Seedscovers almost a hundred genetics. Among them, a wide selection of feminized varieties, which have been making history since 2005, with flagships as representative as Moby Dick or Critical +. Otherwise, a line of autoflowering plants, developed from 2008 to give a solution to the cannabis growers who faced hard climatic environments or cold and short summers.

In addition, and as a natural consequence of a permanent innovation, they have a seed line with high levels of CBD. Thus, their genetics are open to a wider public, which is not used to consuming very powerful genetics, and also offer strains whose cannabidiol ratios meet the needs of patients who require this cannabinoid for their ailments. In 2018 they have released a new line, the Quick, with feminized varieties of faster flowering.

The exhaustive analysis of the genetics that they commercialize, and their shipments to practically all the countries in the world, make this bank of cannabis seeds one of the most valued for cannabis growers around the world.




Atami is, since 1997, an accredited center for biotechnology research. Nowadays, one can not imagine what would happen to professional and amateur growers without liquid nutrition for plants, biostimulants and substrates.

To respond to this growing demand for products, Atami B.V. continues today preparing the best for your plants. Thanks to extensive studies and the incessant optimization of its products, Atami complies with the most demanding quality standards. This translates into a wide assortment and a big range of possibilities for all forms of cultivation.

Atami: Because the facts speak for themselves
• Experience based on our more than 20 years of work.
• Own research laboratory.
• Production plant in our facilities.
• Among the best ones in more than 40 countries and on 5 continents.
• Solutions for each type of crop and growth style.
• We innovate and set trends.
• Nutrients for plants, pure and highly concentrated.
• Complete offer of products: from integrated farming systems, through substrates and soil improvers, to specific nutrients and reinforcements.
• Constantly in tune with retailers and growers.
• We comply with strict international quality standards, such as the quality mark RHP and the certificate of good practices in the production GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


Barney’s Farm. It was the late 1980s and high atop the Himalayas, heavy snow hurling its way down from the skies, a small group of breeders began to cross-breed marijuana strains carefully selected from every corner of the Middle East and Asia. Bountiful harvests of Sativa and Indica cultivars kept the group's spirits up during a 3 year stint in the rural, desolate mountains. One member of this talented group would go on to create one of the most prominent cannabis seed production businesses in the world. That business is Barney's Farm and the man who started it all is Derry.

After his period of successful cultivation in Asia, Derry returned to Amsterdam in 1992 with his newly created cannabis seeds and took the helm at Barney's Coffee Shop. The popularity of his strains made Barney's the must- go-to place for interested parties worldwide.

The unique nature of the beginnings of a company like Barney's Farm only adds to its already vast popularity. The winner of countless awards and a never ending desire to produce 'new and exciting' strains of cannabis, it's no wonder that there is an international demand for Barney’s Farm creations.

Over the last decade, Barney’s Farm have produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of cannabis, Winning the Cannabis Cup and Indica/Sativa Cups with G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and many more, and Critical Kush becoming a bestseller within months of release. The latest releases of Barney’s Farm US West Coast strains, Blue Gelato 41, Gorilla Zkittlez and Shiskaberry are already a sensation in the cannabis community.

Despite a history spanning nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm’s popularity has never diminished. New strains are frequently released, allowing for an ever-increasing audience to continue enjoying high quality seeds from a company that started, literally, at the top and has remained there ever since. 



At BulkSeed Bank we have the most reliable, powerful and successful strains. All our seeds are collected from the highest quality plants to obtain the optimum potency and fragance. We competently select highly suitable plants for medical use and strive for customer satisfaction.

We focus and specialize in the selective cultivation of the most famous strains in the world. Our goal is to take a popular and award-winning genetics in order to improve it in the best way possible, concentrating on both THC and CBD levels, as well as on medicinal values, visual appearance, smell, taste and potency. All our seeds are produced using only organic and natural nutrients and insecticides. We are sure that our seeds are of the best quality. Our catalog offers a wide range of sativa, indica and autoflowering seeds.

The seeds of BulkSeed Bank are the best combination of strength, power, quality and performance. All of our original genetics are the best available options and are fully stabilized. Our selection results from the process of the best strains in the world. All our seeds are selected only manually to ensure maturity and viability. The seeds are organically grown under strictly controlled conditions. We have 47 types of feminized marijuana seeds and 34 feminized autoflowering seeds; a total of 88 original strains. We sell our seeds as a collection souvenir for adults (+18).


Cáñamo, The Cannabis Culture Magazine and pioneer of the cannabis press (1997-2018).

More than twenty years in the breach divulging the multiple uses of cannabis, its therapeutic advantages, its industrial and ecological possibilities and rigorously warning about its use and abuse.

Cáñamo’s staging generated the creation of a commercial network dedicated to the sale of all types of products derived from cannabis, such as textiles, cosmetics and food, providing the general public with knowledge of the wide range of possibilities offered by the plant.

With twenty years of life and hundreds of numbers behind them, Cáñamo continues one more year supporting activities in this sector that carry the objectives that they transmit in a serious and responsible way through its Spanish, Chilean, Mexican or Colombian editions, and that reveal the role of cannabis in cultural, recreational, artistic, therapeutic, industrial or culinary spheres, contents included in their pages and linked to the trust that readers and advertisers have based on their editorial quality, informative neutrality and independence.

Cáñamo, and its commercial La Cañamería Global, SL, were formed spontaneously thanks to people who advocated the freedom of cannabis and in order to be a meeting point and discussion of concerns that, beyond positioning, political or commercial formulas for its liberalization, they were the cultural reference in this field for the public, readers, media and for those who wanted to access first-hand information about the universal news of cannabis.

Cáñamo maintains its anti-prohibitionist commitment and insists through its great reports on cultivation, exterior or interior travel, music, medicine or thought, in showing social and cultural aspects that provide a better quality of life.

In 1999, with the publication of the work Marihuana in exterior, guerrilla cultivation, by Jorge Cervantes, the production of books begins through Cáñamo Ediciones, an activity that has had continuity with the translation and publication of titles such as Mr Nice, best international seller of the beloved and long-suffering Howard Marks.

From its stand of Spannabis, Cáñamo will report on the activities during 2019, such as the edition of the Cáñamo, Weeds and La Dosis magazines; the celebration in Chile and Mexico, respectively, of the VIII and IV edition of the Expoweed trade show.

Enter Hemp, tune and pass risks.

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CLIPPER is more than a lighter!

CLIPPER is an icon! Its history, its characteristics, its design and its functionality make it unique in the market. CLIPPER has been providing spark, color and design to millions of people around the world since 1972.

However you are and whatever you do, there is a CLIPPER for you. On your party nights, on your vacations, on your breaks from work, having fun with your friends... Our lighters have accompanied you in so many different moments that are already part of your life ...

CLIPPER is the authentic rechargeable lighter! Did you love your favorite lighter and want to always take it with you? Do not worry, CLIPPER is the only one completely rechargeable, you can replace the gas and the stone. The CLIPPER materials are the most resistant, so you can use your CLIPPER for as long as you want.

CLIPPER Reusable, protect the Planet! The world in which we live is increasingly threatened by the plastic waste that we discard, and many countries are already beginning to take measures to prohibit plastic single-use products. With the CLIPPER Classic reusable lighter we give the non-pollutant option like the disposable lighters.

Ideal for pressing! Its removable stone system can be used as an ideal tool for pressing when rolling tobacco.

Follow them in @clipperofficial!

CLIPPER is more than a rolling paper!

In 2016, the Clipper Roll Your Own range of rolling paper and filters was launched, with differentiated and high quality products.

Its differential value are the unique designs that so characterize the brand and that connect with the target.

... and this year a breakthrough product line was born ...

Clipper presents ... The CLIPPER 4 range: TWENTY COLLECTIONS! The most underground and daring collections of cigarette paper in the market, designed for the recreational consumer.

Booklets Ultra thin paper size King Size Slim with paper filters in 2 different packaging formats

CLIPPER 4: TWENTY COLLECTIONS will bring you 4 new collections every 4 months.

Follow them in @clipper_style!


DNA Genetics, one of the most important seed companies in the world, has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry and culture for over a decade.

Don and Aaron founded DNA in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2004. Their upbringing in Southern California soon became their household brand that would set their name apart from the mainstream market and industry.

Their deep insight and vision of the global cannabis culture became a competitive advantage that is difficult to match.

Over the years, DNA has strived to push boundaries and develop new genetics, bridging the gap on what have been some of the most sought after strains in the World.

DNA has won more than 180 awards worldwide at the most prestigious events and tradeshows for their contributions to the cannabis industry, making it the most awarded company in the world.

High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, Spannabis Champions Cup Winner, High Times Trail Blazer Award 2015, Best Seed Company in 2016 by Happyplacefest and Most Inspirational Seed Company are just some examples of the numerous awards that DNA has been collecting over the years.

Working with the medical and scientific community has been a priority, helping to provide alternative solutions to the current pharmaceutical approach. Collaborations with the Unconventional Foundation for Autism and Israeli Research are some of the examples.

Currently, DNA was the first company to partner with Tweed Inc, one of the most important medical Cannabis companies in the world, providing DNA selected and certified genetics to the medical community.

DNA continues to grow and to find new ways to permeate the market, both directly as well as indirectly through its partners and subsidiaries.

USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Chile are just some of DNA’s well-established markets.

DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, Grow Your Own and Crockett Family Farms are the available seed lines. They offer variety and high quality to the various market segments. Clothing and Accessories are also some of the products offered in the 2017 DNA’s catalog.

DNA also partnered with Mills Amsterdam, creating a high quality and performance substrates soil. These ultimate Mixes with cork are a innovative venture to offer organic growing solutions for the premium fast paced agricultural market.

Many of the top seed companies in the world use DNA genetics in their breeding programs. This prevalence in exposure for the DNA brand is further highlighted by our online platforms (www.dnagenetics.com and www.dnaarmy.com) and social media (Facebook and Instagram). DNA is also featured in recent publications such as San Francisco Gate, New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

As the cannabis industry and culture grows and evolve, we see the increasing support and acceptance worldwide, so we expect DNA Genetics to continue to be a leading force in the cannabis genetic research and development industry.

dutch passion

Dutch Passion is one of the oldest and most respected cannabis seed companies, originated in 1987. They were the first inventors of feminized seeds in the 1990s and have developed several classic cannabis strains. For more than 30 years, Dutch Passion has played an important role in the development of autoflowering seeds and has a complete collection of autoflowering varieties rich in THC and CBD. Dutch Passion also has a full assortment of regular cannabis seeds, as well as feminized photoperiod seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The success of Dutch Passion for more than three decades is due to its range of cannabis genetics, which have been selected for their ease of growth, XL crops and high quality smoke / steam. In recent years, Dutch Passion has been especially active in collecting and selling the best of cannabis genetics in the United States. Bringing the best of cannabis genetics from the United States to Europe has allowed many European producers access to the best varieties of the booming American legal cannabis industry.

The Dutch Passion seed collection has never been as diverse as it is today, offering a complete set of cannabis genetics ideal for home growing. All varieties have been produced to grow optimally in any culture medium or system. Genetics are selected taking into account their robustness and hardness, so that all varieties can be grown with good results, even by new growers.

Most of the Dutch Passion seed collection is based on cannabis strains rich in THC and easy to grow. This includes feminized photoperiod genetics specially selected for outdoor growing, and numerous large varieties for indoor growing. In recent years there has been a great demand for varieties rich in CBD, especially from cannabis growers for medicinal use, and Dutch Passion has responded with some autoflowering and photodependent CBD varieties. The CBD-rich collection also includes the CBD Charlotte's Angel, which has less than 1% THC.

The Dutch Passion auto seed assortment is one of the best available, with more than 20 feminised autoflowering varieties. All of them are easy to grow indoors with less than 20 hours of daylight, and need about 75 days from seed to harvest. Outdoors, cars take around 95 days to collect. In hydroponics it is not unusual to obtain more than 200 grams of a single auto seed. The best modern autoflowering seeds are easy to grow, with high quality cannabis XL crops.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable high quality marijuana seed supplier, consider Dutch Passion. The choice of home growers for thirty years.

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Exxus Vape was established with the mission to create, develop, and distribute top of the line products for any and all vaporizing needs. As an industry leader in the vaporizer community, Exxus Vape offers a variety of products that allow their patrons to effectively vape dry herb, oils, and concentrates.

Exxus Vape is a leading premier brand in the Vaporizer Industry. With customer satisfaction in mind, their vision is to provide each patron with convenient, reliable and efficient service all while delivering integrity, innovation and excellence. Exxus Vape is your go to partner for all your vaporization needs across Europe.

They strive to offer competitive prices with a range of accessories, products and units. They focus on building strong working relationships with their wholesale partners and become invested in your success! If you would like to become a distributor in your country, or have any questions, feel free to reach out to their International Customer Service Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +1-951-279-2507.


In 1994, William Texier and Noucetta Kehdi founded the company GHE in France, following the international recognition given to them by their hydroponic farm, the White Owl WaterFarm, where they cultivated crops that were tasted in restaurants awarded the Michelin Star in San Francisco Bay.

William was innovative from the start, developing new products and systems that combined the power of hydroponic technology with the qualities and ecological sensitivity of bio /organic methods.

The new exclusive products of modern agriculture gave rise to a new way of thinking about nutritive solutions. William and Noucetta, formulated products that have made possible the alive nutritious solutions.

This is a hybrid that brings together the best of both worlds: pesticides are not necessary when plants share the environment with beneficial organisms that protect and defend them. To describe this new method of cultivation, William and Noucetta mint the term "Bioponics", a concept that is now being explored all over the world and a field in which GHE continues to lead.

Today, GHE products are based on healthy crops around the world; they are designed to meet the specific needs of producers in all types of environments where plants are grown for personal and local needs.

The main criteria for its preparation is to create healthy, sustainable and environmentally sensitive products.

GHE is at the forefront of modern agriculture. Respected and known in academic circles, William and Noucetta travel and teach intensively. They have written and published numerous articles and books that are now part of the curriculum for agricultural students around the world. Currently William's book, Hydroponics for All, is available in 7 languages ​​and provides a wealth of information and knowledge about how to grow plants.

As we continue to introduce the latest improvements in our formulas and develop our products through research, some things will never change when you choose GHE:

• We only use the highest quality ingredients in our products.
• We guarantee our molded plastic systems for life - unique in our industry.
• We are 100% independently owned, based in France, and always will be.


Green House Seeds is the most successful cannabis company in the world, proven after having won over 40 High Times cups.

Arjan, owner and founder, has been named the King of Cannabis for the incredible number of awards throughout his career. Arjan always had the idea that cannabis should be an accepted product in the world, both in its recreational and therapeutic versions. In the United States alone, more than 19 states have legalized cannabis for medical use and 2 have recently licensed it for recreational use. In addition, Uruguay has legalized cannabis completely and in most European countries it has been decriminalized for its personal use. In other countries such as Spain hundreds of cannabis associations have been created. Amsterdam was at the time the epicenter of cannabis activism, however, now there are many places in the world where the use of cannabis is socially accepted.

Since the opening of the first coffeeshop of Green House Seeds, Arjan has established an empire with four coffeeshops, two of the most famous seed banks, a cannabis documentary company, a fertilizer company and a foundation, among other businesses related to the sector. He is considered one of the most important figures in the cannabis industry in the world.

On January 2, 2017, the Green House and Strain Hunters families lost their beloved brother, friend and partner Franco Loja, icon and legend in the cannabis industry. Franco lost his life due to cerebral malaria while working for the Strain Hunters Foundation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Franco was dedicated to legalizing marijuana and using cannabis in the African continent to treat diseases such as AIDS or malaria. Together with Arjan, Franco was the first geneticist in the world to try to educate people on YouTube with his Green House cultivation videos, in which they taught the world how to grow their cannabis strains from clone to harvest. Then, with the documentaries of Strain Hunters, Franco and Arjan educated the world with how important cannabis is for farmers in developing countries. Franco leaves a legacy that his team will continue on his behalf. In March 2017 VICE, on HBO, will bring to light "Kings of Cannabis: Congo", the last appearance of Franco before his death.

Green House Seed Company continues at the forefront of the cannabis fight around the world and Franco's legacy will continue forever. Legends never die!

For more info visit:


HORTITEC, founded in 2003, is a wholesale distribution company based in Algemesí (Valencia), and specialized in the wholesale of supplies for indoor horticulture, organic products and hydroponics. Its products are offered to gardening enthusiasts throughout the country through a network of independent stores and retail websites. Hortitec is the main supplier of many retail stores known as Grow Shops.

THE EXTENSIVE RANGE OF HORTITEC IS ONE of the most complete in the market, which undoubtedly leads to ensure the supply of more complete farming systems. In addition, they provide technical advice to their clients through their professionals, backed by the experience and knowledge acquired over years in this sector.

HORTITEC is present with its own delegation in SPAIN, CHILE and URUGUAY. Other emerging markets are supplied from any of our 3 warehouses, reaching anywhere in the Americas and Europe. At this time Hortitec enjoys a strong position in the markets where it is present with its own facilities and every day more customers rely on them for their supplies.

Hortitec does not only inform through their main networks: Facebook and Twitter, they also form through their Youtube channel hundreds of stores aiming to give a better advice on the products they sell.


Mills Nutrients & Substrates is a Dutch company with a philosophy of bringing easy to use, first class quality nutrients to the market.

Mills began its story in The Netherlands in 2010 reacting to a saturated market by well-established but not innovative brands. Mills never had a fair chance to get a good promotion locally, so we decided to enter the US market. This playing field was quite new although the established brands already had a big share of the market. Americans are very curious, working with technical support and open to new experiments. This has resulted that Mills has settled in the USA to the number 2 brand and is still growing.

Mills has now ventured with The Proving Ground in the Mills Education Centre; an 8,000M2 green house dedicated to licensed medicinal cannabis. We are confident this will give the Mills brand a big boost in the USA and worldwide

Our American success story has been heard here in Europe; on Instagram you can find over 60.000 posts with the hashtag #millspaysthebills. This ‘American dream’ resulted in our induction in the UK, where after just two years, we are booming. We also have a cooperation with a big wholesaler in Spain; Leaf Life. They heard about our products and after a few tests they decided to bring Mills to the market as their premium brand. We have two sales reps working there in Spain full-time only for promoting Mills. We also have launched Mills for Australia, New Zeeland, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech, Balkan Countries, Austria, and now we are looking to expand our possibilities in de South American market. We have just completed registration in Chile, and registration in Uruguay, Colombia, and Brazil will be done this year.

Mills is starting a great project in Brazil, sponsoring favelas in providing them with a set of nutrients to grow their own fruits and vegetables in a better and more sufficient way.

Expanding in to the agriculture side is a thing we are looking forward to with Mills.

Did you know we broke the 13 year old World Record for growing the biggest watermelon in the UK?

Over 200lb it is now, and still growing!

This is the short version of Mills, and we are always happy to answer any questions on:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






PAY-PAY is the oldest rolling paper in the world. It was first produced in 1764 at the legendary paper-making town of Alcoy (Alicante province, Spain), from where it was exported to many countries, especially towards  America, very often in return for tobacco.

More than 250 years later, PAY-PAY continues to be developed very close to its place of origin, l'Alcoià-Comtat, the cradle of cigarette paper. There, a modern factory, Iberpapel, has been able to maintain the old paper tradition adapting it to the new times.

Respect for the inheritance received, creativity and passion are the main ingredients of a legacy that continues to be passed on from generation to generation.

Telling the story of PAY-PAY is telling the story of the rolling paper itself.

PAY-PAY GoGreen, the first naturally green smoking paper:

To continue making history, PAY-PAY has never stopped innovating. A little over a year ago, they launched a revolutionary new product: PAY-PAY GoGreen, a totally ecological paper that takes its GREEN color from the alfalfa plant from sustainable crops, and only 12 g/m2. Like all the booklets that leave the PAY-PAY factory, it is manufactured with 100% renewable energy, organic arabic gum and has no additives or chlorine.

Find it in your usual distributor or through the national distributor Paper and Lighters.

We like green. Go green.


Established since 2002, Culture Indoor has become the French and European leader in the hydroponics market. A well-known and recognized brand thanks to the perfect knowledge of the market by its professionals. With a operational logistics platform of 11,000m², and an additional 20,000m² storage location, they cover a unique range of products, consisting of more than 8,000 references at more than competitive prices.

Culture Indoor has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors through its numerous activities, which range from making its own articles of culture to importing the most exclusive novelties on the world market; They are retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, manufacturer and number 1 in online sales.

Within its products of own manufacture, spotlight on PLATINUM NUTRIENTS and PLATINIUM HYDROPONICS.

The PLATINIUM NUTRIENTS range of fertilizers, manufactured in France fulfilling the strictest environmental requirements, stands out for the delight of your plants. These products have been designed by laboratory engineers, professionals of agriculture, in optimal conditions of development. PLATINIUM NUTRIENTS provides essential nutritional supplements to plants and ensures exceptional growth and defense!

Some novelty at PLATINIUM HYDROPONICS this year again : come and see the new PLATINIUM AeroTubes (1 meter to 4 meters) and FlowTables (1.5m² to 15m²).

Discover more about each Platinium fertilizer, Platinium hydroponics & aeroponics systems and even more with the complete catalog of PLATINIUM NUTRIENTS and PLATINIUM HYDROPONICS and go to PLATINIUM!



Puffco started their journey as consumers who saw cannabis concentrates as the future of consumption. Concentrates offer the healthiest, most potent and most flavorful way to consume, but at the time no devices existed that could unlock their true potential. They wanted more than what the industry standard could provide, so they brought together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco. They began developing consumption products that could create the clearest expression of concentrates for both heavy and light users alike, with no learning curve.

Puffco staffed an experienced in-house team to meticulously guide every step of the process from ideation to implementation. They designed products that jointed together without the use of glues, fibers, and plastics so that users could taste their oil instead of the device. All of which were industry firsts that they still apply to their products today. The result was industry leading innovation.

As Puffco looks toward the future, their priority is continuing to bring convenience and quality without sacrifice to cannabis users.

smoking gear

Smokinggear, a retail/wholesale physical and online growshop, was created about a decade ago in Aalborg, Denmark, as Rygegrej (in English Smokinggear). The goal was to establish the first 1 Stop shop in the world, a business that could provide the industry and people with their various needs; from seeds, growing equipment to smoking accessories or dabbing tools. Soon, they became the first shop in Denmark to carry a big line of glass that was not Chinese but handmade and high end.

In 2012 they set up a glassblowing studio with the windows facing their showroom so the customers can have a look inside. They also brought the art of glassblowing around the expos in Europe and created their own events. The European Functional Flame Off is the first and only competition for the European pipe makers and it has been held in Barcelona twice so far. They also launched a new event two years ago, the European Vacation, which gathers the glassblowers from all over the world who do collaborations and produce glass art which they showcase afterwards. So far, both editions were organized in Barcelona, where the artists could work in their second studio and display the pieces at the NPK Club.

You can visit them at :

Find them on Instagram - Facebook and YouTube under the name SMOKINGGEAR and European_Flame_Off.


Sweet Seeds® is one of the pioneering seed banks that have contributed to making feminised seeds the preferred choice of cannabis growers worldwide.

In 2018 Sweet Seeds® comes loaded with sweet new features. This season we have invested all our wisdom and passion in perfecting our products and expanding our lines. In this sense, we have presented the first CBD-pure marijuana strain of Sweet Seeds®: Sweet Pure CBD® (SWS65), with very low levels of THC, less than 1%, and high CBD, between 8-15% . In addition, we have conceived 6 new CBD-rich varieties: Chem Beyond Diesel CBD® (SWS66), Cream Caramel CBD® (SWS67), Black Jack CBD® (SWS68), Ice Cool CBD® (SWS69), Green Poison CBD® (SWS70) ) and Honey Peach Auto CBD® (SWS64), the latter autoflowering.

Fruit of the incessant study on genetics from the United States, our Gorilla Girl® (SWS74), the new genetics of the USA line of Sweet Seeds® with levels of up to 25% THC, was born. This variety is a hybrid between two of the most famous genetics from the USA: Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies.

In 2018, Sweet Seeds® has also wanted to version some of its most appreciated genetics to present them with new and attractive skills, such as Crystal Candy F1 Fast Version® (SWS73), ultra fast flowering interpretation of one of the tastiest varieties of our bank and that also won the 1st Prize for the Best Indica in the Spannabis Champions Cup - Barcelona 2017.

In photo-dependent varieties, the result of crossing two exceptional elite clones of Amnesia, we present Sweet Amnesia Haze® (SWS72), a sativa of excellent quality and rapid flowering.

And there is still more! A new autoflowering genetics of high stature: the Green Poison Auto XL® (SWS71), 25% higher than its predecessor and a higher production of flowers and resin.

As always, these are high quality and high production genetics, very resinous and especially aromatic, with a femininity that is around 99.9%, and with a percentage of germination higher than 95%. This continues to be our commitment to quality with our customers.

Weedmaps is the leading marijuana platform in the world, connecting millions of people with the best brands, closest distributors, and latest offers. Whether you are a new or experienced cannabis user, visiting weedmaps.com is the easiest way to discover and locate the largest selection of marijuana products in the dispensaries and clubs closest to you.


Explore the most comprehensive cannabis directory and locate nearby Cannabis Social Clubs, CBD dispensaries, and doctors wherever you are.


Discover trusted marijuana brands and search for your favorite products


Take advantage of offers and discounts on a wide variety of products (available in markets where authorized by law, not available in Spain)


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